Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Hope Ruby Stays Fat

How come, ever time I watch that show Ruby, I start secretly hoping Ruby Gettinger stays fat?

I mean, she really bugs me. I think I see some things in her that I just hate because they are the same things that hold me back and make me fat.

If you don’t know Ruby, she’s lazy, she complains about EVERYTHING, and she NEVER wants to do ANYTHING. Also, she’s friggin’ huge, like ginormous, like the size of one of those smart cars.

The Style Channel is paying this woman money, to film her life and weight loss adventure… they pay for the trainers, they probably pay for all sorts of things and she has the audacity to complain when they ask her to exercise.

I don’t think she wants to lose weight to be honest with you. I think that she wants to be famous, and the weight loss thing is just the easiest way for her to achieve that goal. Yes she’s lost something like 400 lbs but I don’t think she’s going to lose the weight and keep it off in the long term… The minute they stop paying her and filming her, she’s going to put it all back on. She already proved it.

She gained 60lbs in the two months that the show was on hiatus. She revealed in the first show of the new season that she had put on 60 friggin’ pounds in 8 weeks! Are you kidding me? She’s NOT even TRYING… They asked her why she gained the weight over the break and she had no idea. She gained it because she’s a selfish, lazy, fame seeker. Turn the cameras off and stop sending checks, and there goes her motivation to do ANYTHING.

So does she just want to be fat? I mean I’m fat, and I don’t want to be fat. I don’t think anybody WANTS to be fat… but maybe she likes the attention that being fat has gotten her… maybe she doesn’t want to give it up. I mean, as long as she’s fat she’s got a show and people around her who will act like they care about her. She feels like she matters. She’s finally the star of the show.

I’m not taking the show out of my DVR because I kind of like hating on her. She motivates me to NOT do what she’s doing. She makes me feel better about myself… one of those, “At least I’m not THAT bad” sort of things I think.

I know it’s not nice to say, but I feel like I have to just admit to the world that I hope Ruby stays fat.

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