Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Lost 8.2 Lbs In My First Month On Jenny Craig

So yes, in the first month on Jenny Craig I lost 8.2 lbs. It's not a ton of weight but that's 8.2 lbs less than this time a month ago... It's very exciting to me. I think it's exciting because it was so easy. I mean, it didn't hurt at all. I find the Jenny Craig diet pretty easy to stick to and I enjoy the food. I've tried everything on the menu at this point so I know what I like and don't like and I love my weight loss coach, or Jenny Craig rep, or whatever you call her. I like all the girls at the Jenny Craig office to be honest. I work from home so it's nice to get out and talk to some other people once a week. :)

I'm also even starting to enjoy working out again.

Here's me working out at my favorite new exercise class... Monday, Wednesday & Friday in North Hollywood... If you want more info CLICK HERE

Now I'm even more motivated to make that number higher for this month... I'm gonna exercise 3 days a week, every week! Join me!

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