Sunday, March 20, 2011

Who Makes The Jenny Craig Menu?

Sometimes I wonder who makes up the weekly menu for us at Jenny Craig.

There was one day when I had a Banana Nut Mini Loaf for breakfast and then a Strawberry Cake as a snack later that same day. I thought that it was odd that whoever made the schedule put what was basically two cakes in one day so close together.

The fattie in me ain't complainin' about eating cake twice in one day. It was delicious. I took that Banana Nut Mini Loaf and I butterflied it and put it in the toaster with a light cooking spray and cooked it till it was crisp and then cut up a banana and put it on top... With a little bit of milk... heaven. I just wonder if there's a reason for having two cakes in one day.

Also that same week there was Chicken Carbonara for dinner on Thursday and then Traditional Lasagna for dinner on Friday - It's strange to have two pasta meals for dinner on back to back days.

Both were good but I wonder if there is a reason? Did they not realize that they were doing that? Is it on purpose?

I told my Jenny Craig rep that I thought it was odd but she just laughed and I don't blame her... I am rather entertaining. I guess that I am the first person to have brought that up?

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