Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Favorite Jenny Craig Foods

Okay, first of all I have to say that when I opened my first meal I was shocked at how small they were. I called my friend who laughed and said, "Yeah dummy, that's what a normal portion of food looks like, you're just use to eating giant portions and that's how you got fat." We laughed. I have such a distorted view of what a portion of food actually is.

I love the White Cheddar Cheese Popcorn - YUMMY and also it's a larger portion so you feel like you're eating more.

Today I had the Cheesy Mashed Potatoes & Fried Chicken - holy YUM Batman!

The other day I had a S'mores snack bar that so delicious I was transported me to another realm - one of those meditative food comas where you can't hear anything or anyone.

Loved the Turkey Burger I had on the first day too, covered it in veggies to make it bigger and even more delicious.

The Toffee Cookies with a glass of milk was insanely good. I love cookies and milk and it's so good to know that I can have them and still lose weight!

The Fajitas were good too but they came with a lot of bell peppers (which I loathe) so I picked out the green bell peppers and replaced them with some fresh red pepper that I had in the fridge and added some fresh onion to it - cooked it up - put the tortillas in the toaster oven for a minute and my boyfriend came over to me saying, "What's that? It smells really good." And I said, "It is."

The little frozen cakes are so good. Love them to death. If you heat them up in the microwave they melt in your mouth.

Had a great baked potato covered in cheese and broccoli.

The Sunshine Breakfast Sandwich - could eat that EVERY DAY of my life.

It's fun to have foods that you love so much that you look at your weekly schedule and you think... man I can't wait till Wednesday when I get my toffee cookies and milk after dinner!

What are your favorite Jenny Craig foods? I haven't tried them all so I need to hear what I have to look forward to!

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