Saturday, June 25, 2011

Carrot Fries - Jenny Craig

Okay I got distracted writing that last blog entry and burned my first batch... Which is actually fine because I loved burned things.

I just put them on a plate with some ketchup and they were REALLY crunchy and good.

They were so good that I decided to eat this first batch while I waited for the next batch to cook.

The recipe is very simple. You get some carrots and peel them and then cover them with cooking spray and baked them at 450 degrees for about 45 minutes - check on them and turn them or mix them around half way through if you want to make sure they are cooked evenly. I just used those baby carrots from Trader Joe's because they are already peeled and all I had to do was cut them in half. You want to lay spread them out on the pan so that they aren't on top of each other or anything. If they smell like they might be burning... they're burning, get in there and check on them!

This is the second batch and a perfect example of why you want to check on them which I did not do. If you don't check then some are more burned than others. But once again I have to say I like the black ones better. They're crunchier. The orange ones are just like baked carrots and that's fine but I like the ones with a little black on them.

This last batch turned out to be muy yummy but for me I'd say cook them well done and just keep checking on them every 10 minutes or so and mixing them around and turning them to make them more even.

Another way to lose weight while eating stuff that tastes naughty. Now there are a lot of recipes for all sorts of carrot fries online... one person writes "Lately I've been adding maple flavored extract to them along with the cinnamon and vanilla extract." So you can see there are a variety of seasonings you can use. I've found some cool recipes online and you'll want to adjust them to your diet and use cooking spray instead of oil and stuff if you're on a specific diet. So go to town and let me know what you like to put on your carrot fries?

If you don't have an oil sprayer - get one right now on Amazon - HERE'S THE LINK TO THE ONE I HAVE it will save you tons of calories and time and you'll never run out of cooking spray ever.

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