Saturday, November 12, 2011

Maria's New Jenny Craig Campaign Is Disappointing

I've lost 65lbs. I started on my own and then went on Jenny Craig after the first 20 because I was worried I'd start gaining it back like I always do when I drop a few pounds. I have had success with Jenny and told friends to join and they have.

I love my Jenny but this new Mariah Carey campaign is a bummer. I'm not trying to be negative but I don't believe it. It seems fake. I don't think she really eats Jenny Craig and goes to a center to weigh in and talk to a rep about what she ate that week and is she getting enough water. In interviews she says generic things like "I love the snacks" as if someone told her to say that. She doesn't talk about any specifics of the program or the food as if she has any personal understanding of it at all. I don't relate to this campaign at all and those huge posters all over my center when I go to weigh in are just insulting.

I'd rather see regular women who are honestly working the program and losing weight. Jenny's Facebook page is full of real women who would make amazing spokespeople for the program. Why not use one of them?

I'm disappointed in Jenny and Mariah.

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