Saturday, May 14, 2011

Good News! Good News! 22 lbs & Man Up

I really didn't think I was going to lose any weight this week. That scale refused to move all week long so yesterday I drank a TON of water and at today's weigh in I had lost 2.5 lbs for a grand total of 22.5 lbs. I was kinda shocked that I had dropped 2.5 lbs. I didn't know why the scale wasn't moving but it just wasn't moving... thank God it finally moved.

I saw on the Today show last week that Consumer Reports rated Jenny Craig as the best weight loss plan out there right now. I think they were saying that it's the most effective. I think that any plan is effective if you stick to it, and that just means that for whatever reason, people seem to find Jenny Craig easier to stick to. Right now, for me, that would be true.

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  1. i haven't checked the blog in awhile...holy crap congrats on the extra pounds! it definitely helps when people start noticing :))